42257780 - grandmother and granddaughter reading book on garden seat
42257780 – grandmother and granddaughter reading book on garden seat

THE Life Story Book PROCESS

1. Consultation

During this free  visit or call, we discuss your goals and formulate a plan for your book. I answer questions and we  discuss  options (such as whether you want your interview recorded, etc.). We set a date for your interview2. Photo Selection

After the consultation you gather treasured photographs and other documents to include in your book.

3. Interview(s)

I will meet with you at your home or another agreed upon location. This could be one longer meeting or several shorter meetings, depending on the length of our meeting and the length of the memoir. I will guide you with questions, listen, clarify and transcribe.

4. Writing

I will transform your interview transcript into a story, striving to keep your voice intact. Your memoir will be in your own words, but I will organize and consolidate memories and ideas and refine your narrative.

5. Review

You review your manuscript – the pictures, layout, and words – and we make changes to make it something you are 100% satisfied with.

6. Your Life Story Book

A beautiful heirloom book is in your hands within six weeks after the final design is approved.